7 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

7 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmers Market


I love going to our local Farmers Market. I used to make candles and sell them there so I know first hand how hard all the folks work just to bring their wonderful products to the public. Have you ever been to your local Farmers Market? If not, I can give you 7 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Your Local Farmers Market that may give you some new incentives to try it!

1) The quality is better. Local farmers seem to take better care of what they grow. It’s babied a bit more, watered a bit better and loved a lot more. I would much rather purchase my produce from a local farmer who just loaded their truck yesterday.  The alternative is produce  from a store where it has sat (for God only knows how long) on a truck, in a warehouse AND in the back of the store waiting to get on the shelves. It’s fresher! Additionally,  local artists put a lot of time and effort into creating lovely items from blankets, wall art, clothes and more that are great for gift giving! Their products reek of quality and you can tell they put a lot of love into every item they create.

2) The prices are cheaper. While store prices vary but seem to keep going up, I’ve noticed I can get better priced produce from my local farmers. I found a baker’s dozen ears of corn for $5, glorious tomatoes for $3, two pounds of local and pure honey for $8 and the biggest raspberries I’ve every seen for $2!  If you have never tried local, pure honey, I highly suggest it. It’s THE best honey you will ever taste!

3) You support local farmers and artisans. While big stores seem to reap huge benefits for their buying power, you can keep local farmers and artisans in business and they intern can feed their families. Additionally, It’s a great feeling to support the little guy. This also leads to our next point by keeping money in your area.

4) You keep money in your area. To keep a town or county flourishing, it’s important for local money to stay local. If you spend money locally, twice as much money stays in your community!  I like knowing my money isn’t going to a large subsidiary or conglomerate in another state. That’s good all way around.

5) You know where your produce comes from. I love knowing where my produce comes from, who planted it and who harvested it. You get to personally know who is handling your food – just like the good ol’ days!

6) Free Samples! Many local businesses at the Farmers Market give away free samples in order to get their name and product noticed. I have enjoyed free samples of fruit to frozen green tea. It’s fun trying new things and getting to know new products!

7) It’s fun! When strolling around a Farmers Market, you never know when you’ll bump into someone you know, get to meet new people, find new things and intermingle with your community. Our Farmers Market in Topeka is only open on Saturday mornings throughout the year, except in the winter. I personally can’t wait for Fall. The Farmers Market is especially fun for me when the weather is crisp, the pumpkins are ripe and the apple cider is flowing!


Get to your local Farmers Market, you don’t know what you’re missing!


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Season: Open Every Saturday – April – Nov
Time: 7:30AM Until noon.
Location:12th and Harrison, South of the Judicial Building.




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