Meet Our New Baby Tara!

Meet Our New Baby Tara!

Girls with Coupons has a new addition!! Meet our new baby Tara! Her mommy was a Cocker Spaniel and her daddy was a mystery man. We think perhaps he was basset hound but aren’t 100% sure –  but those wrinkles in her feet tell the story. She’s nine weeks old and was the runt of […]

It Does Get Better! – Our Son’s ADHD Story – Part 3

It Does Get Better! Our Son's ADHD Story - Part 3

First off, I want to thank you all for your questions. My son’s story got a lot of attention when I came out with it and decided to put him on a gluten-free diet.  You can read Part one and Part two (which includes a recipe for Gluten Free Bread)  if you want to get […]

Life’s Stress and Worries – Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Life's Stress and Worries

I found this today on Facebook and thought I would share it. DISCLAIMER: I didn’t write the following and do not know who did, so I can’t take credit for it and certainly do not wish to plagiarize anyone else’s writings but it’s some pretty good advicet! *If I find out who wrote it I […]

Remembering D-Day and a Friend Who Was There

We Remember D-Day and a Friend Who Was There

(Picture from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives) Today we remember D-Day and the memories of all the brave soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. I especially think fondly of my friend and neighbor Herc, who stormed the beaches that day. He was a neighbor of ours when we lived […]

I love Pinterest But…

I love Pinterest But...

      Just sayin’…

A Memorial Day Tribute

A Memorial Day Tribute to Our Military Members Past and Present

A Memorial Day Tribute  To those that served and are serving,  we can never thank you enough. To the those that are lost and imprisoned, we’ll never stop looking and never stop praying for your safe return. To the families that must carry on until their loved one returns, we appreciate your sacrifice and all it […]

Christmas in July – A Family Tradition

Christmas in July

Christmas in July – A Family Tradition  December 2002, doctors could not figure out why my dad was feeling so sick. He had planned on flying from North Carolina to Kansas to be with us that Christmas. Unfortunately he was too weak to make the trip. He had been planning to come for months and […]

Summer Safety Tips for Kids and a FREE App!

Summer Safety Tips for Kids and a FREE App!

  As a mom of five children, I know that Summertime can be loaded with fun, is a great chance to unwind from the school year and make new memories. It’s also a ideal time to remember and teach some important safety tips to kids. A sad and unfortunate reality is that every year, thousands […]