Coupon Transplant Forum

Welcome to the Coupon Transplant Forum!

This Forum has been created to help families in need.
We call it the “Coupon Transplant Forum” because often, there a stigma surrounding asking for help. We don’t look at it as a donation or charity, yet a transplant from human being to another, much like transplants for life saving organs, blood or tissue. Our goal is to reach individuals in need and doing it with respect and dignity.

Thoughtful Girls with Coupons readers are volunteering their time and effort to mail their unused coupons to those that are in desperate need to provide for their families. Coupons can make a difference between affording food and other necessities or doing without.

This is not the place to come for coupons to add to your stockpile nor is this a coupon exchange!

This community is for those who have been laid off, are single parents with limited resources, fixed income seniors or families just hit hard by the economy and are having a challenging time getting from paycheck to paycheck. We want to help and here’s the place!

As a community, we can accomplish anything!

Sign in, then click forums.

Head down to the “How Does This Work” thread for all the information you will need to get started.



Forum Disclaimer: Girls with Coupons does not promise, guarantee or coordinate coupons. This is just a forum for Recipients and Team Members to meet, make contact and coordinate a coupon transplant.  There could be times when specific categories do not have any Team Members. There could also be times when there are no recent Recipients. Checking back frequently is advised. It is up to the discretion of Girls with Coupons to change, disable or modify this forum and ban anyone for said reasons described in the “How does this work” section of this forum. Girls with Coupons and it’s owner, cannot be held liable for any coupon transplant, delay, internet problems, abuse of this forum, hackers or the misuse of contact information. Use this forum at your own discretion.



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