Dillons 101

If you have a Dillons in your area and want to know how to start shopping with coupons there, you’ve come to the right place.

You are now entering the Dillons 101 zone. 😉

Dillons is part of the Kroger chain, so some of the below will apply to Kroger stores as well. Here’s a few little tidbits about them:

  • They Double Coupons up to $.50, not only that but any coupons over $.50 up to $1.00 get doubled to $1.00 (for example, a $.55 coupon would double to $1.00). They accept Internet Printed Coupons. Not every Dillons has the exact same coupon policy so be sure to ask your store manager.
  • They Regularly Markdown their produce, meat & dairy. To save the most on meats, check their meat department in the mornings as this is the time of day they markdown items that will soon expire. Most Dillons stores have a clearance section so be sure to ask. Additionally, keep your eyes on special white tags. These are markdowns usually stemming from a company discontinuing a product line or simply changing nothing more than their labels. The new labeled items must come in, so the old labeled items gotta go and that means a lower price for you!
  • They have good sales every week, I can usually match several sale items with coupons.
  • They have Catalina Coupons (coupons that print out at the register) They also mail out coupon booklets periodically with both Manufacturer’s Coupons and Store Coupons.
  • They have the Nicest staff! They always have plenty of friendly staff there to help whenever you need them and they are always more than happy to help. It’s a refreshing change from some other stores I’ve been to!
  • They have their own Shopper’s card. You can pick up a card & fill out a quick application in the store & your card is instantly ready to use. With the card, you get their sales prices & you’ll also get more coupons that print at the register (also known as “Catalinas”).  And while the mailing lists are supposedly selected at random, you’ll also be much more likely to get on their mailing list to receive coupons. Lately, I’ve been getting a coupon mailer from them in the mail every month. In addition, you can earn fuel points!


How do I earn fuel points?


There are three easy ways to earn fuel points in Dillons stores every day:

  1. Spending on Groceries (normal exclusions apply): $1 in Groceries = 1 fuel point
  2. Non-federally funded Prescriptions: 1 Prescription = 50 fuel points
  3. Double fuel points for Gift Card purchases (normal exclusions apply). For example, $25 in Gift Cards = 50 fuel points
  • 100 fuel points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Dillons.
  • 200 fuel points = 20¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Dillons.
  • 1,000 fuel points = $1.00 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Dillons.
  • 1,500 fuel points = $1.50 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Dillons. Valid till Sept 30th, 2012
  • 2,000 fuel points = $2.00 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up at Dillons.Valid till Sept 30th 2012

  • You can load eCoupons onto your Rewards Card through these websites: UpromiseCellFire,Shortcuts.com and P&GeSaver. Dillons also has their own eCoupons HERE. You simply sign up and with your Dillons Shopper’s Card number, you select whichever coupons you want and they are automatically loaded onto your card.  Having said that, I only download coupons that I cannot find paper ones for. E-coupons cannot be doubled. You cannot use an E-coupon and a paper coupon on the same item.
  • My Dillons here in Topeka, Kansas accepts expired coupons up to 14 days after the expiration date! Be sure to check your nearest Dillons to see if they have this policy too.
  • Dillons also has a Senior Reward Program* in selected areas. If you are 55+, you can save an additional 5% on your total food bill each Wednesday.

Check out their website for their weekly ad, store locator and other great information HERE.


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    tess says

    i am also in topeka, ks and the dillons i go to [21st and fairlawn] does NOT accept multiple coupons for one item. :( does the one you go to? or do you know of any places in topeka that DO accept 2+ coupons toward one item? i’m very new to this and would love some help. thank you!

    • 2


      Hi Tess!
      No…unfortunately, no Dillions accepts two or more coupons PER item..Just one coupon PER Item. I shop at the 21st and Fairlawn store too!
      Walgreens will accept ONE Walgreens coupon (found in their advertisement) and one manufacturer coupon per item.
      Also,Target will accept ONE target coupon and One Manufacturer coupon …hope that helps.

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