FREE eCookbook with 26 Kid Friendly Back-to-School Recipes from Mr. Food!

    Get a FREE eCookbook: The ABC’s of Back-to-School: 26 Kid-Friendly Recipes from Mr. Food Free eCookbook, features 31 pages of our very best kid-approved recipes sure to make the grade this school year + Mr. Food Recipe eNewsletter for FREE!
    The eCookbook has stunning colorful pictures and step-by-step instructions for easy recipes like:
    Dirt Cups (page 7),
    Popcorn Lollipops (page 12),
    Mac and Cheese Cups (page 13),
    Itsy Bitsy Pizza Bagels (page 16),
    Buffalo Chicken Wraps (page 23), and lots more!
    Head over HERE to get yours!
    Once you sign up with your email address, they’ll post 2-3 offers..just click skip and it will take you to the ebook page. Scroll down to find the ABC’s back-to-school- recipe book. This will be in a PDF form and you’ll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view it.


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