Get Paid to Use Your Android!

Get Paid to Use Your Android!

Just found  a great app called ScreenPay to get deals, promotions, and best of all it pays you cash each month.  Currently ScreenPay is only available for Android phones.

ScreenPay sends deals, information and promotions to the lock screen of your phone.   All you have to do is download ScreenPay, enter in some basic information about yourself and the app will search for information, promotions and deals based on your interests.  If you like what you see on your lock screen you can swipe the phone to the content to learn more.  If you are not interested you can just unlock your phone and use it as you normally would.  Either way you get paid!

After you sign up for ScreenPay they will put $1.00 in your account. For every 30 days that you are on ScreenPay you will earn at least $3.00.   Another nifty thing about ScreenPay is that for each friend that you invite we will put a dollar in their account and for every 5 friends that you invite and stay on ScreenPay for 30 days we will put another $3.00 in your account. 

If you have an Android, why not get paid to use it?

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