Going Grey Series- What Colors Should I Wear With Silver Hair?


Going Grey -  Earth Tones vs Jewel Tones

I show you what colors to say away from and what colors to migrate to during or after your transition of going grey. If your hair color has changed, so should the colors you wear and your makeup palette.

Check out the video below and let me know, what colors are you loving while transitioning… or after?


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    Hey Kourtenay. You’re so right. My palate has changed drastically. I had made mistakes before (moI?! ;-)) … and had clothes I’d bought and never liked that now work perfectly. (Guess that’s why I never liked them before!)

    Love your videos. You’re waaay amusing.

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      Thank you for your comment Sarah! I find I am more drawn to COLOR now than ever before! I have always loved browns, black and white..etc..but with the silver hair, it’s like a whole new world of colors and exploration has opened up for me. So fun!!
      Glad you’re able to get use out of those clothes you once weren’t too happy with.
      Recycling at it’s best my friend!! lol

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    Eve says

    Thank you, thank you! I just found your site after growing out my gray since December. I just chopped off all my long hair 3 weeks ago, and your videos and inspiration are just what I needed. I have been coloring my hair since my late twenties. In December I was pinning healthy vegetarian recipes for my family, while sitting under the dryer at my salon, with color burning scalp, and watering my eyes. I finally decided to be true to myself, and live a healthy life and stop the madness. But it has been a bumpy road of self doubt, and waxing and waning self confidence. Thank you for making me laugh, while giving me the shot in the arm of confidence that I am doing the right thing. PS I would never let my daughter cut my hair you are so brave LOL

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      You are so sweet, Eve.
      I think when you’re really ready to take the leap, you know it.
      If you check out the Girls with Coupons channel on youtube, there are some newer grey hair related videos and more to come!

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    love that i found your grey series!
    love your vids and attitude! i bet you’re super fun in person!
    i’m 1yr 3 months into my transition with another 6 months to go.. yes i’m keeping my hair longer only because i’ve lived through many a pixie grow out over the years and this some how seemed easier, although it really isn’t.
    i cleaned out my closet last spring deep and hard. i was a brown on brown girl… got rid of alllll earth tones which was 95% of my wardrobe.
    my favorite color is lime green i rock it out like mad now!
    loving rich colors and brights.
    i’m little by little working on changing over my make up.
    i hope you do some more color and make up vid!

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