How to Grate Cheese Easily!

Ever since I was injured with a torn rotator cuff last November from a car accident, I’ve been treating it pretty gingerly. Doing everyday things hurts – a LOT! Many of those things have been and are being done my my dear husband.  So when I needed to grate (not shred) some cheese for a recipe I wanted to make, I almost forgot it. Then it hit me to use my mini chopper!
I got my mini chopper as a black Friday deal at Walmart a couple of years ago for around $3. I usually just use it to chop nuts.
I’ve seen them for around $9-$14 at other stores and on Amazon. Or you could use a food processor if you have one.
In this picture, all I did was cut Pecorino Romano cheese into small chunks, then put them in my mini chopper.
It grated it fine enough to use in my recipe and to sprinkle on spaghetti!
It took a lot less time with no effort and I could do it all with one hand. I just cut and pushed a button!
This is a great idea for anyone with arthritis, or any other debilitating issues. It sure beats messing with an actual grater that takes one hand to hole the grater and another hand to do the grating. ;

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