How to Make a Valentine’s Day Tree!

 How to Make a Valentine’s Day Tree!

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Tree!

My eleven year old son was pretty bummed out when we started to disassemble our artificial Christmas tree this year. Yes it’s fake, but we like it. We enjoy the lights each evening and he really wasn’t ready to give that up, yet. Truth be told, I wasn’t either. He asked what the next holiday was and I told him, Valentine’s Day. It was then that I could see the wheels in his little mind turning. The light bulb went off and there it was! Make a Valentine’s Day tree!

This would take thought because I didn’t want to keep up the entire tree. After a month of taking up space, I was looking forward to gaining that much needed space back. It wasn’t long that I remembered, that our tree came in three sections. I asked my husband if he could rig the highest portion to fit into the tree stand. A little cardboard and duck tape later and viola! We had a cute table size tree, Now THIS I could work with! HA!

All we did was add one strand of red and one strand of white lights. We then added a few red balls and other red and white ornaments left over from the Christmas tree, and painted hearts on a few of the red balls. For that I used white puffy paint to make them pop. The ribbon at the top was also left over from a Christmas package and the heart at the top is construction paper with red heart stickers. We also used red, white and pink pipe cleaners and made a heart chain.

There you have it. How to make a Valentine’s Day Tree! I didn’t spend anything, I used items I already had. So it was really free! And I have a happy kiddo who loves the holidays as much as I do. After all, he’s the baby out of five children. I couldn’t let him down! And he’ll always have memories of our holiday tree. He wants to use it all year! How fun is that?

Now I have to figure out what to put on it for St. Patrick’s Day! ;D


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