How to Make Cooler Corn!

How to Make Cooler Corn

How to Make Cooler Corn!

This is an amazing tip if you’re planning on cooking a lot of corn-on-the-cob this Summer.

Whether you’re cooking for large gathering or to freeze what you grew or bought at your local Farmers Market, give Cooler Corn a try!

Have you ever heard of  “Cooler Corn”?

I hadn’t until my good friend Amy told me about it. Her mom Rhonda has done this for years!

Basically, all you do is boil hot water, put it in a cooler and add your shucked corn.

What I love about Cooler Corn is, you can let the corn sit for an hour or several hours. This works great if you want to pre-cook something and keep it warm.

As my water was boiling on the stove, I shucked my corn.

By the time I had finished, 3 pots of water had boiled up!

I threw all the corn in the cooler and took it out 3 hours later – when I was ready. The corn was just as good, juicy and tasty as it would have been, had we eaten it much sooner. What’s even better, is it won’t heat up your kitchen, so early prep is easy. It works perfectly for a large get-together and cookouts.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the cooler we have. It’s a Igloo 40 Quart Maxcold Extended Performance Wheeled Cooler.
The wheels make it so much easier to take places.

How to make cooler corn 2

My cat Cho Cho guarding this cooler full of corn, was pretty funny.

You can keep the cooler outside and as long as the top stays closed, the bugs stay out.

If you have left overs, use a bundt pan to cut off the corn, then place in freezer bags!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I found this tip to be brilliant! Thanks Rhonda and Amy!


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