Meet Our New Baby Tara!

Meet Our New Baby Tara!

Girls with Coupons has a new addition!!

Meet our new baby Tara!

Her mommy was a Cocker Spaniel and her daddy was a mystery man.

We think perhaps he was basset hound but aren’t 100% sure –  but those wrinkles in her feet tell the story.

She’s nine weeks old and was the runt of her litter. She may be a small puppy but she’s full of wonder, happiness and snuggles.

We adopted her from our local shelter however,

she was fostered by a wonderful family that took amazing care of her and loved her a lot!

We brought her home today, so she’s till getting used to things…especially our two cats Cheerio and Cho Cho. They FINALLY came up from the basement so I think they’ll be friends in no time.

For a creature so small, she brings heaps of love and laughter and has cracked me up several times already today!

We’re extremely happy to have her and will update you on her progress, growth and milestones!

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