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Mothers are the Roses of Life…in Memory of a Mother

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Mothers are the Roses of Life… in Memory of a Mother

Had you not held my hand,

I would be lost.

Had you not guided my heart,

I would be closed.

Had you not allowed me to touch the thorns,

I would not know pain.

Had I not known pain,

reality would be a dream.

Had your arms not comforted me,

I would not feel accepted for who I am.

The caress of your hand in my hair

was always tender and loving.

With every word, glance and kiss, I knew I was loved.

Your never ending support still resonates in my head

as if you were still here, cheering me on.

I can still smell your perfume,

see your face and hear your voice.

There are certain memories that stand still for me,

others come in waves as if to nudge me to never forget.

My favorite is  how you loved the roses!

The color, texture and fragrance.

When I see roses, any roses..they remind me of you.

Beautiful and ever blooming,

like my love for  you…and yours for me.


I love you mom..now and always.

Happy Mother’s Day

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