OPEN Invitation to Superpoints Earning Points = CASH!

Have your heard of Superpoints yet? If you have GREAT!

If you haven’t, Superpoints is similar to Swagbucks! Earning points for rewards like Amazon gift cards and more!

When this first began, you would need a special invitation to Superpoints but not anymore.

I have an open invitation for all my readers HERE!…and it’s FREE!!

They have a fun super lucky button that you click to get points and they send you emails with extra points! I’ve never been emailed spam of any kind just offers once in a while to take surveys. I just delete from my inbox…I don’t have much time for those these days. They’re really good about that however, I do not sign up for any offers, I just click the super lucky button.You can also watch videos and take surveys if you choose to.

In addition, the more friends YOU invite, the more points YOU get! So you’ll want to be sure to invite them,whether through emails or on Facebook or Twitter. Members with more than 5 friends earn/win rewards 10 times faster than members with 1 friend in their network.

Tip: Get the people you know to sign up first before your friends do! 😉

We’re half way through the year so if extra money come Christmas will come in handy, it’s not too late to get started. A good friend of mine earned more than $500 since last in under a year. Not too bad for clicking a few buttons huh?

Actually, if you focused on Swagbucks and Superpoints you could be enjoying some extra cash by the time December rolls around!

Get started  HERE!

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