Reader Beware – Not All Offers are Created Equal

Okay guys, many of you know how transparent I I’m going to give you the latest “skinny”. I’ve talked to you before about how bloggers work with affiliates. Companies pay the affiliates to get the word our there about their company or product. Bloggers are then paid a small fee from the affiliate to help with that. It’s basically cheap but effective advertising.

Today, an affiliate many bloggers (including myself) work with, had two offers I won’t post..actually there have been several lately. Not all from one affiliate but it seems more of them are coming our way. I don’t understand how the reps getting these accounts to pass onto us, aren’t doing their due diligence before accepting them as clients. I figure if I can research a company on the Internet, so can they! Well, they’re not doing much of that apparently. Not to say the affiliates are bad – it’s just something I’ve noticed as of late.

Regardless of the money offered – which isn’t much to be frank,  I will not purposely subject my readers to heaps of spam, or to a company that has bad reviews or scam reports about them. Not all offers are created equal. Most are fantastic and those are the ones I strive to post!

I’m not perfect but do try to research most offers that come my way just to make sure they cut the mustard.  I can smell that some offers are fishy right from the get-go. I click delete and move on with my day. I turn down more than I accept for the mere fact that I refuse to post junk in hopes you’re not savvy enough to notice and intern, click them.

Yes, bloggers do get paid for posting offers so we can feed our families and pay to keep our sites running.  However, that isn’t what is most important to me. I post what I like, would take advantage of myself and pass the GWC test!

If you’re ever uncertain and can’t tell if an offer is cutting the mustard,  I’ve made a short list of things to look out for.

If you see an offer that says;

1) “Details Apply” <–This means they will not give you what is in the offer until you have done certain things you had no idea about when the offer was presented to you. (ie. purchase subscriptions to magazines and other things)

2)If the offer requires you to check a remark that says: “I give so and so permission to call/email  me about such and such and other services” <–other services means they will probably sell your email address

3) Requirements must be made. <–Similar to “Details Apply”meaning they want you to buy crap you don’t need with your credit card and you’ll probably never get the offer anyway.

4) If there are several hoops to jump through. <–When there are too many steps to follow, or you are led to several pages or sites. Both of these things are a Red Flag. The unscrupulous companies are trying to cover up your application by either getting you to focus on and purchase other offers or to wiggle out of giving you what you thought you were getting initially.

ALWAYS be sure to read the fine print and their terms FIRST!! If you see any of the above mentioned, it’s prudent to not sign up for that offer. If you’re still not sure, google them first or leave it alone. I say this to protect YOU!

I figure if I wouldn’t sign up for an offer, I wouldn’t ask you to. This is true when signing up for free samples tool. You can read my other Freebie tips HERE!

Many bloggers will post offers and might not even realize there are issues on the registration end. It CAN happen and not on purpose. Like I said, I’m not perfect and something can slip by me. However, I’ve had to research a few too many recently which has my guard up and radar on full alert.

Additionally, if I ever post anything that smells fishy to you, please tell me..I want to be informed so I can remove the offer, then forward that information to the affiliate enabling them to make the appropriate changes.

That’s the “skinny” for today…this Girl just wanted you to know.

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