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Reviewing Colleges

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Do you have a son or daughter that is heading off to college next year? If so are you starting the process of reviewing colleges? That can be a huge process.

How to you event start that process? Deciding to go to college is a big decision. Deciding which college to attend is an even bigger decision. Some kids have a clear path ahead of them and know right away where they want to go, which career path they want to choose and which college is right for them. For others, the choice is not so clear.

Granted, my college years were a few years ago. Maybe even a few more than a few. ;) But when I was deciding where to attend college, there were factors I took into account. I thought about at how close to home I wanted to be, which colleges offered my choice of study, how large college it was, and would I have to find on-campus or off-campus housing.

What’s great is that now a days there is so much information online. Things like college reviews from actual students attending the college or university. I think it is an important step in making your decision between which college or university your child will attend. You will read comments  and reviews from students regarding everything from dorms to academics.

You can do your research online and then pick and choose the campus’ that you want to visit in person. Might save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

If you could have heard from students when you were planning to go to college, would that have made your decision easier?


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