Rolling Register Rewards at Walgreens 8/26!

There is an awesome Kraft deal going on at Walgreens this week of 8/26.  It is an advertised ONLINE special. You can view it HERE.Watch the register to make sure the prices are coming up correctly. If your cashier gives you a problem, tell them to look online for the “BONUS BUYS”. The Kraft RR deals are unadvertised that if you buy 10 Kraft items, you’ll get back $10 in RR’s.  You’ll see it when you print this coupon for  $1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) KRAFT Dressings 16 oz.They ARE available from participating retailers. I got one back from purchasing 10 Lunchables at Dillons this week.

Despite them planning to do away with RR’s, I figured we might as well ride the wave as long as we can, right?

With these 3 separate shopping transactions, you’ll get $42.96 in merchandise, pay $9.21 out of pocket and get back $9.50 in RR’s! That’s like getting it all for free plus $.50!


  • You can’t have more Manufacturer coupons than items
  • Always take a super cheap filler item (like 15 cent Laffy Taffy) with you to the register just in case
  • If you can’t do all transactions in one day or the store has sold out, go back on a different day to finish. I suggest either going back on Thursday a Saturday since they will have restocked by then. Ask your store when their truck comes back each week. 😉

Here’s the shopping list with transaction scenarios and coupon needed:

4 – Velveeta Shells & Cheese, 12oz, 2-$4
4 – Kraft Dressings, 16oz, $2-4
2- Kraft Miracle Whip, 2-$6
Total will be $22
Use 4: $1.00 off on Any ONE VELVEETA Shells & Cheese Dinn (You’ll need 2 computers to print 4 coupons)
Use 2: $1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) KRAFT Dressings 16 oz.
Use 2: $1.00 off on Any ONE KRAFT Mayo or MIRACLE WHIP
Use: $1/2 Velveeta Shells & Cheese from the Walgreens Sept coupon booklet
Use: $1/2 Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing from the Walgreens Sept coupon booklet
Use: $1/2 Kraft Miracle Whip from the Walgreens Sept Coupon Booklet
Pay: $9,  get back $10 RR’s


1 ReNew Life Heartburn Out, 1 0z, $10
Use: $10 Kraft RR
Pay: O get back $10 RR from ReNew


1- Legal Pad, $0.49 with in ad coupon
1-Crest Pro-Health Clinical Toothpaste, $3.49
1- Help I’ve Cut Myself 16ct OR I Have a Blister 8 ct, $3.99
1-  Zentrip Motion Sickness Prevention Thinstrips 8pk,$3.00
1- Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight Maxi Pads 14pk, $1.99
TOTAL: $12.96
Use 1:$0.75/1 Crest toothpaste from the 7/29 P&G
Use 1: $2/1 Stayfree product from the 8/26 SS
Use: $10 ReNew Life RR
Pay: $0.21, Get back $3 RR from Zentrip, $3 RR from Help and $2.50 from Crest = $9.50 in RR’s!


If you really don’t need anything from Transaction #2 or #3 like me, here’s a deal to score FREE toilet paper!
2-Cottonelle Toilet paper, 12 pack for $5.
Total will be $10
Use $10 RR from Transaction #1 or #2 Read note below*
Pay 0 …getting them for FREE!

NOTE* Some Walgreens won’t let you use an exact RR for an exact purchase price before tax. In this instance, just have a 15 cent Laffy Taffy with you to go over a few cents. Paying 15 cents for $10 worth of toilet paper is worth it!
If you have 3 different RR’s like you’d get back from Transaction #3, but you want to purchase say one two items, have a couple extra fillers (Laffy Taffy) with you. Walgreens considers RR’s like a coupon and you can only use one per item. Having fillers with you in advance can make your transaction move along easier. 😉


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