Survival Couponing Tips!

Couponing Tips

Survival Couponing Tips!

It’s no secret how much I love my readers. What’s great about them is they are always ready to lend a hand or give advise. So when I asked my readers on Facebook, what they’re favorite survival Couponing Tips were, they didn’t disappoint!

Here are some from Cindy B-

“I write the price of the product from the price match directly on the item. If Walmart price is $1.79 and I am matching to $1.09, I write $1.09 on it’s pkg. When I am price-matching meat, I write the price/lb in small numbers just above their label’s printed price.”

“I put my regular priced items on the checkout belt first –  followed by a generous space, before we dive in to price matches! Lastly are the products that are BOGO coupons (price matched or not) so they can write the price on the coupon.”

“I tell the cashier, before beginning, that I have a price match and coupons.”

“I help them with ringing up the multiple item things with price match. For example, Fancy Feast cat food cans – I will say, “All 12 of these are the same flavor”… as I hand her the flavor to scan -Then “6 of this flavor”as hand can to her, and “4 of this flavor” (Most of the checkers I have seen do not even know WHY they are supposed to scan each diff flavor/color/variety – for inventory and reordering!”

These are great Couponing Tips! Sometimes people just get overwhelmed at just the thought of couponing and won’t even attempt it. What are your greatest Couponing Tips? How do you stay sane? Let us know.

One of my favorites is always staying ahead of the game. Of course that could mean several things but one way to stay ahead of the game is to keep your coupon binder stocked with up to date coupons and with you on all trips. The other is to plan your trips and pull your coupons ahead of time.

If you’d like to add your Survival Couponing Tips, please send me an email! I’d love to add them.

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