How to cut #onions without #burning your #eyes!

!Girls with Coupons Tip for cutting onions

Check out our video on a fun tip for cutting onions, without burning your eyes. It really works!

How to Make Cooler Corn!

How to Make Cooler Corn

How to Make Cooler Corn! This is an amazing tip if you’re planning on cooking a lot of corn-on-the-cob this Summer. Whether you’re cooking for large gathering or to freeze what you grew or bought at your local Farmers Market, give Cooler Corn a try! Have you ever heard of  “Cooler Corn”? I hadn’t until […]

Going Gray – #NoMoreHairColor- My Transition, the Cutting and Result

Going Grey No more hair color my transition and result

If you’ve read my blog before or seen any of my videos you’ll know I’m a brunette. What you didn’t know is that I colored my hair because I am going gray. I colored it a brown so it didn’t look too harsh. It’s been light brown, medium golden brown, – even auburn brown but […]