Skid Marks VS Granny Panties- The Differences Between Men and Women

Skid Marks VS Granny Panties The Differences Between Men and Women

  Even though this is a money-saving blog, from time to time I like to write about something else. After all, life isn’t all about coupons and deals. My Google+ friend Andrew wrote an article entitled 10 Things Women Do That Really Put Their Guys to The Test. Of course this is coming from a man’s […]

Reader Beware – Not All Offers are Created Equal

Okay guys, many of you know how transparent I I’m going to give you the latest “skinny”. I’ve talked to you before about how bloggers work with affiliates. Companies pay the affiliates to get the word our there about their company or product. Bloggers are then paid a small fee from the affiliate to […]

I NEED your Advise!

I NEED your advise!! I’m in the process of changing my blog and I have 3 poll questions- 1)Do you like the cutesy blogs or ones that look more professional and informative? 2) Do you prefer blog posts to be in blocks so you can see everything that was posted that day and don’t have […]

JCPenney to Implement Self Checkouts Goes from Fair & Square to Dumb & Dumber?

JC Penny announced it will be phasing out the checkout registers we all know and implementing self checkouts. Great…more changes! Just kidding,  you won’t hear me blasting any WOO HOO’s anytime soon. I’ve kept pretty quiet since JCPenney decided to do away with their markdowns and coupons. I figured I’d wait it out a few […]

Girls with Coupons Voted Top 25 Money Saving Blogs!

We have wonderful news! This week, Girls with Coupons was voted by our readers as one of the top 25 Money Saving Blogs for 2012 on Circle of Moms! We actually came in 12th place! It’s not anything as fancy or important as a Grammy, Emmy or Pulitzer prize – but I can’t help feeling […]

Vote for Girls with Coupons for the Top 25 Mom/Money Saving Blogs!

AWESOME NEWS! I just received an email from Circle of Moms nominating this blog – Girls with Coupons for the top 25 money saving blogs. Please take a second for quick click to vote for Girls with Coupons HERE! Last year we came in the 51st place out of 237 blogs. It would be fantastic […]

It’s Officially Summer, What Could Be Better? No Homework!

It’s Officially Summer, what could be better? No Homework! When I think about the opposite of Summer, it makes me appreciate many things. Things like; smaller loads of laundry, no winter gear flanking my couch and salt and snow not getting trampled in from the frozen driveway. I most appreciate not having such a tight […]

The Day I Met Kathy Lee Gifford and My Father’s Day Message.

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The day I met Kathy Lee Gifford was a day that I don’t think about much or very often but a day I will never forget. It was around eleven years ago, we were living in Simsbury, Connecticut at the time. Oddly enough,