Breasts – What They Go Through

Facebook – A Sly Extortion Tactic Against Page Owners or Just Good Business?

Mothers are the Roses of Life…in Memory of a Mother

Mothers are the Roses of Life… in Memory of a Mother Had you not held my hand, I would be lost. Had you not guided my heart, I would be closed. Had you not allowed me to touch the thorns, I would not know pain. Had I not known pain, reality would be a dream. […]

Mad Men in a High Tech World

Who loves the show Mad Men? What would they be doing in our high tech world? Check out the infographic and see!

Easter Message From Girls with Coupons

To all Girls with Coupons readers, I wanted to let you know that there are no coupon inserts today, Easter Sunday. As many of you, I will be spending time with my family. Even though we color Easter eggs, enjoy candy and the fun with the little ones, the day means more than that to […]

Five Arrested for Using Fraudulent Coupons at Walmart

Five people in Hanford, California were arrested in what was described as a sophisticated scheme to use fraudulent coupons at Walmart. Not just fake coupons but high value coupons. It is reported that the five either worked at Walmart or were family members. One was the cashier and would push through