How to Make Funnel Cakes at Home – Recipe & Video Included!

How to Make a Funnel Cake - Recipe and Video Included

How to Make Funnel Cakes at Home – Recipe & Video! (Desserts | American): Funnel cakes are such a fun treat..and easy to make! It doesn’t matter when I make them – be it winter or summer, they’re always a hit at my house!

Leftover Ham in Roman Fashion Over Rice

Like many people after Easter, I had left over ham. I spent over an hour Monday searching through cookbooks for a recipe that I could use with this left over ham. After all, it wasn’t cheap, it was big and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I found a recipe in an Italian […]

How to Make Easy Easter Bread!

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I wanted to try an Easter bread I saw on Mr. Food. However, I didn’t have the time to make fresh dough and wait for it to rise. So, I used a can of Pillsbury French Bread I had in the fridge! (Often times there are coupons for the Pillsbury French Bread in the SmartSource […]

Deviled Chick Eggs – Happy Easter!

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Here are the deviled chick eggs I made for Easter. They didn’t exactly come out like the ones I saw on Pinterest though…. Probably because I forgot to cut them a little from the top instead right down the middle, and l made my yolk mixture more smooth. Oh well..they’re still cute, plus I know […]

Meatless Friday Supper Idea- Spinach and Eggs!

I love breakfast for supper! If you’re wondering what to make on meatless Fridays, how about spinach and eggs? To make it extra tasty, saute some onions in a little butter or margarine first, then add your spinach. I usually use bagged spinach and chop it up so the pieces are smaller. Once the spinach […]

Quick Supper Idea: Hamburger & Veggies!

Ever have a day when you have nothing planned for supper so you just throw something together? My Hamburger and Veggies is one of those meals but it was a quick supper idea I’ll use again. All I did was brown some hamburger, throw in some cabbage, broccoli, spinach, garlic salt to taste and a […]