12 Days of Giveaways

Who’s ready for 12 Days of Giveaways? I am! I am! What would the holiday season be without some savings and some giveaways right? Thanks to our sponsor, Promotional Codes, not only CAN you save money all year but know you WILL be saving money. I always look for promo codes while shopping online. Especially […]

JCPenney to Implement Self Checkouts Goes from Fair & Square to Dumb & Dumber?

JC Penny announced it will be phasing out the checkout registers we all know and implementing self checkouts. Great…more changes! Just kidding,  you won’t hear me blasting any WOO HOO’s anytime soon. I’ve kept pretty quiet since JCPenney decided to do away with their markdowns and coupons. I figured I’d wait it out a few […]

State List for Tax Free Back-to-School Shopping

It’s August 1st and time to get those deals lined up for back to school savings. There are many states that do not charge sales tax usually beginning on the first Friday of August and lasting a few days. Item’s exempt can range from shoes, clothes, school supplies and sometimes computers. When looking at the […]

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Top Tips to Teach Kids about Money, Frugality, Saving & Spending

Top Tips to Teach Kids about Money, Frugality, Saving and Spending

When was the last time you tried to get your child engaged in thinking frugally? It isn’t just about saving pennies in the piggy bank anymore. Granted, you may have tender aged children that can’t cut coupons or do math problems in their head yet but if your kids are a little older, why not get them […]

Save Money At the Grocery Store Without Coupons!

Save money at the grocery store without coupons

From 2011 to 2013, we watched a tv show about extreme savings using coupons, we watched coupons change (for the worse) because of said show, food prices continue to rise, stores changing policies and store deals decline. It’s made many folks stop using coupons all together or use them less.  It’s been a tough few […]