How to cut #onions without #burning your #eyes!

!Girls with Coupons Tip for cutting onions

Check out our video on a fun tip for cutting onions, without burning your eyes. It really works!

How to Grate Cheese Easily!

Ever since I was injured with a torn rotator cuff last November from a car accident, I’ve been treating it pretty gingerly. Doing everyday things hurts – a LOT! Many of those things have been and are being done my my dear husband.  So when I needed to grate (not shred) some cheese for a […]

How to Figure Out Percentage Saved

How many times have you gotten back a receipt, only to wonder what the percentage was that you saved? Here’s an example of how to figure out the percentage saved: Add your total paid to the amount saved. Total Paid:  $60.34 + Total Saved:  $35.95 Total Value: $96.29 Then take your total saved and divide […]

Useful Ideas for LARGE Pickle Jars

Fun & Useful Ideals for Large Pickle Jars

My kids absolutely love the really big dill pickles. I buy them in the largest jars I can find. I hate to just throw them in the recycle bin so I began to ask, “What can I do with these LARGE pickle jars?” Then it dawned on me…decorations! ~EASTER~ Now I not only have an […]