KISSES DELUXE Chocolates – at Walgreens!

KISSES DELUXE Chocolates – at Walgreens! KISSES DELUXE Chocolates – at Walgreens! Say more with KISSES DELUXE Chocolates at Walgreens, and receive 1000 points when you buy any two participating HERSHEY’S KISSES products with your Walgreens Balance Rewards card. A 20-count Kisses Deluxe package is exclusive only to Walgreens which has a delicious combination of roasted hazelnuts, […]

Groupon Coupons!

Groupon Coupons

  Have you noticed Groupon has Coupons now? They have coupons for thousands of retailers! Groupon Coupons are different than the traditional Groupon we all know. There’s no need to purchase anything upfront- simply choose from over 55,000 totally free coupons from more than 8,600 retailers! Stores include: Target Home Depot Walgreens Finish Line Barns and […]

Online Walgreens Deals – No Coupons Required!


Have you shopped at Walgreens online before? It’s a fantastic time saver and if you’re not into coupons, no sweat. Order what you need and it will ship right to your door for free with the coupon code below. You never have to leave your home! Don’t worry that you won’t accumulate points if you […]

Walgreens Takes Away Register Rewards Replaces with a Points Program

Some of you have probably heard that Walgreens will be launching a new rewards program soon, this Fall actually. We’ve heard many rumors for quite some time. I wanted more information so I contacted Walgreens myself. I wanted a better understanding of how it will work, especially since there will no longer be Register Rewards. […]

Rolling Register Reward Deals at Walgreens week of 7/8/2012

Rolling register rewards at Walgreens can save you significantly…IF you do it right! RR stands for Register rewards. These are printed out at the register when your transaction is complete and can only used at Walgreens. They are as good as cash at Walgreens so Don’t lose them!! (Trust me on this one – lol) This week, […]

Walgreens Coupon Code – Use Through 4/7 to get 50 4 x 6 Prints for only $5!!

Starting today and through tomorrow (Saturday 4/7), Walgreens has a special print deal. Get 50 4 x 6 prints for only $5 using coupon code “PRINTS5″ . That’s just 10 cents per print…MUCH cheaper that the average 29 or 39 cents you’d pay. Once you download the prints you want, you can choose the Walgreens […]