Going Gray – #NoMoreHairColor- My Transition, the Cutting and Result

Going Grey No more hair color my transition and result

If you’ve read my blog before or seen any of my videos you’ll know I’m a brunette. What you didn’t know is that I colored my hair because I am going gray. I colored it a brown so it didn’t look too harsh. It’s been light brown, medium golden brown, – even auburn brown but […]

Skid Marks VS Granny Panties- The Differences Between Men and Women

Skid Marks VS Granny Panties The Differences Between Men and Women

  Even though this is a money-saving blog, from time to time I like to write about something else. After all, life isn’t all about coupons and deals. My Google+ friend Andrew wrote an article entitled 10 Things Women Do That Really Put Their Guys to The Test. Of course this is coming from a man’s […]