The Girls with Coupons Store!

Girls with coupons is proud to announce our new store! Below are a few of the products we’ve designed for our readers who love using coupons! Click a picture to take you directly to our store or go HERE where you can browse all of the Girls with Coupons merchandise. Have fun!


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      To Armywife65 You are doing what is called gellial couponing use when you try to use more than “One coupon per transaction”. First of all that is coming to an end when the new coupon system comes out on all the registers! I have been doing ethical couponing for well over 22 years and yes I have a great stash but I buy a couple of items at once not tons of one item in one transaction. I for one am also very irrated about the show and I absolutely hate it! We have a woman here teaching classes. She was on the show buying Purex det, with a coupon not for the kind of Purex that was stated on the coupon. That is another example of coupon fraud. The more classes these people teach the more awful it is getting! I have spoken with several local store managers at different stores and they know who she is and they are getting fed up! That is why Publix will be changing their policy very soon! No more overages, and I was told they are discussing no use of a 2nd coupon on bogo deals! Most of the folk on the show use coupons because they have major debt and instead of getting a “job” they use the coupon system to support them. I use coupons because it is a hobby and it is fun. Now they are making it less fun and in turn it will come back and bite them in the foot. I can afford to live without using them. Most of them cannot.

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