Useful Ideas for LARGE Pickle Jars

 Fun & Useful Ideals for Large Pickle Jars

My kids absolutely love the really big dill pickles. I buy them in the largest jars I can find.

I hate to just throw them in the recycle bin so I began to ask, “What can I do with these LARGE pickle jars?”

Then it dawned on me…decorations!


Now I not only have an Easter centerpiece this year that is GREEN and the kids helped make, but it helps showcase the eggs they decorated! All I used was old plastic eggs I had stored in the basement and some scrap ribbon.


#1 Pickle Jar Halloween

I simply LOVE it for a Halloween decoration! I liked the large apothecary jars but didn’t want to lay down the cash for one. They’re $20 and up! No thank you. So I took a large pickle jar, turned it upside down and put a skeleton in it. Granted I had to dislocate his legs for all of him to fit but I like it even better this way! I turned him upside right and viola! Spooky right?


Pickle Jar - Christmas Decoration

I really love glass hurricanes but they can be pretty pricey. Here I used a large pickle jar as a candle holder for Christmas. You could fill it with ornaments, balls, pine cones – you name it. Your imagination can go bananas thinking of all the different things you could do! Now I can use these gigantic jars for something fun and pretty, for ANY occasion!


Then I thought…utensils! Kitchen utensils fit perfectly in these large jars.

So the next time you find yourself  ‘in a pickle’  think outside the jar and use it for something!  😉

Let us know what you would use a large pickle jar for.

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