Where You Can Watch TLC’S Extreme Couponing Show Online and FRAUD?

With all the hoopla surrounding TLC’s show Extreme Couponing…many people missed it because they don’t have cable or satellite TV. I looked and couldn’t find it but a blogger found it HERE. Thank you savingmoneyplan!

After the season premier last week, the blogisphere went in over drive..mostly discussing one of the shows couponers Jamie Kirlew. Savvy and experience couponers were up in arms and understandably so.

Bloggers remembered that Jamie had made previous You Tube videos where she “taught” folks how to shop at Target with coupons..but what she was REALLY doing is she used high priced coupons for things they were not even meant for….Uhem..that’s STEALING and IS against the law!

When she ended up on the show people noticed that she used Cereal coupons for cereal she didn’t even purchase and other coupons for items they weren’t even meant for. Unreal!

On Jill Cataldo’s awesome site, there is a breakdown of what was done and what is considered against the law. You can visit her site HERE and read it for yourself.

The bottom line is that the ability and privilege to use coupons means we use them with integrity. There’s absolutely no excuse for cheating the system. Deals are out there and good coupons are too. This couponer finds it disgusting when someone goes out of their way to steal their way into a huge stockpile.

I DO NOT endorse copying coupons or using coupons against what the manufacturers state. It is a crime! I don’t think going to jail over a coupon is worth it do you?

What are your thoughts on this?

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